Alice’s Hole

Inhabited between wild things wonderful things Who Am I? no longer a main priority no longer stapled to a better forever determining worth and future I Am the problems I’m not letting go of I Am the energy and struggle to do better in this Magical universe reincarnate like eggs in a nest My wonderful [...]

Meet the Newest Contributor

Please welcome the latest addition: Lola’s Corner. After a lengthy email discussion with this longtime acquaintance of mine, I hereby open a corner of my blog to Lola Gentry-Dey where she will be a guest writer and artist. Honestly, though, when Lola requested last year to be a part of my blog, I felt uncomfortable. [...]

Recap and What’s Ahead

2018 is a year of do-overs for my Ridgewood characters and their stories. Forget everything about them. Forget all of it. This is the year that began with a blank slate—a book of blank paper where anything is possible. Like many writers, there are times when I dread starting the blank paper because, well, if [...]

Merging Similar Characters

Changes, Part 6 During a break from writing, I continue discussing the changes I have made to my Ridgewood characters. Sometimes it is necessary for authors to reduce the number of characters entering and exiting their story’s scenes. This is a good time to look for characters with similar personalities. If two characters have similar [...]


Changes, Part 5 Julianna “Julie” Michelle Douglas, 13 Today is my birthday. I find it fitting to feature a character I created on my birthday many years ago when I was a teenager. I named her Lucinda after an older sister I almost had. She was big sister to Kenny (named Lenny back then) and [...]