Corry Writer’s Block Blog

A quick shout-out to those of you who belonged to the Writer’s Block writing group in Corry, PA. I decided to resurrect the Writer’s Block blog for historical reasons. This time, instead of posting the group’s history in monthly/yearly chronological order, I’m noting each piece’s original published date (when possible) when I blog it, beginning at 1999 when the group was founded. I joined the group in 2002, so I lack many newsletters and website archives from the earlier three years, which made my first attempt to create a chronological sequence difficult. Now, I can post what I have and fill in any gaps if I find any missing information. Our group didn’t have a historian, so I’m using old notes from the nine years I was president and webmaster. Overall, I foresee an easier time posting the archives this time.

The blog address is for anyone interested. Be sure to contact me with any ideas and suggestions … and especially if you have any photos of the group in action and any 1999–2002 newsletters.