Margga’s Curse, revised: Chapter 3

MOM PARKED THE SUV ALONGSIDE a green and white Mayflower tractor-trailer that had moved our meager belongings donated by friends and various charity groups, as well as our few ones that had survived fire, smoke, and water damage. We were parked on a long, stone paved driveway on the left side of a white foursquare … Continue reading Margga’s Curse, revised: Chapter 3

Margga’s Curse, revised: Chapter 2

IT WAS 2:00 P.M. ON July fifth, a Saturday during Fourth of July Weekend when most families in northwest Pennsylvania gathered at backyard cookouts and picnics, or took to the road for camping getaways and other fun events to celebrate the holiday. My family and I had spent the morning packing our meager belongings for … Continue reading Margga’s Curse, revised: Chapter 2


In my haste to post more often, I misspelled Margga, the witch-spirit character from the Vree Erickson story, Margga’s Curse, in my most recent posts. Corrections were made and, while I had a few minutes to spare, I redesigned my site to a slimmer, sleeker one. I plan to continue posting the revised version of … Continue reading Correction

Margga’s Curse, revised: Chapter 1

WHEREVER I WAS AT, I could not see much, just a gray darkness similar to the warm and safe kind beneath my blankets when I hid from thunderstorms. But I was not beneath my blankets; the grayness was infinite here, wherever here was, and I floated and rolled and swam in it, which made me … Continue reading Margga’s Curse, revised: Chapter 1

Get On With Telling More Stories

Hi. Lenny Stevens here. You may remember me from my last post, Help A Guy Out. I think Steve Campbell is making a mistake rewriting the Margga’s Curse story so that Vree Erickson’s parts are in first person point of view. He’s trying to be trendy because many of today’s young adult books are written … Continue reading Get On With Telling More Stories

Kismet eBook Is Free Till Halloween

A reminder that my 99-cent sci-fi adventure novella Kismet: A Ridgewood Tale is still free at Smashwords, which ends Halloween (10/31/2016). To get yours, go to my Smashwords page and enter coupon code AR96Q (not case-sensitive) when ordering. You can download the book in the following formats for your tablet, e-reader and /or computer: epub, … Continue reading Kismet eBook Is Free Till Halloween

Redoing “Night of the Hellhounds” (Part 5)

Margga’s Curse, revised: the Prologue I know, you would rather see my artwork and photography than read my writing. At least, that is what the few views and modest amount of likes tell me every time I post in my writing section. So, for the handful of followers who enjoy my writing, here is the … Continue reading Redoing “Night of the Hellhounds” (Part 5)