4 Weeks Alone (Alone Revisited)

Week 1

Silence in my bedroom, but not in my bed
Naughty aching, electric steam
I lie ready, fingers pressing hot
Shivers come to me inside the warm darkness
My lips form a perfect O
O God
O Yes
O Yes yes yes yes yes

The heightened feeling gets stronger
The seconds crash like waves washing over me
Oceans and volcanoes erupt
Sounds burst

I fly with angels until my return is a splashdown of my soul into the embryonic waters of earth
My body and mind are born anew and I want to share them for everyone to see the new me
But no one sees the babe I’ve become
I am private
Man’s law made it so

I am
I stay

Week 2

Again alone
and tense in my bedroom,
the night is dark and silent,
but not in my bed

My hand wanders downward,
plays the music in my head,
hymns humming,
fingers strumming trembling strings of delightful tension

I discover a new chord and add it to the old ones
I play loudly this time unafraid that someone nearby may hear my song
But when I finish I look around and see that I am still alone

No one sees the babe I’ve become
No one saw the splashdown of my soul into the vibrating waters of my chorus

Week 3

I have found adventure outside my room
But adventure does not follow me

I sing alone again
And when my song is done, I look for the shadows of others

Is there anyone on the other side of my room who listened?
If so, do the strangers beyond my wall go on listening still?
And do they wait for another song, alone and tense in their own dark night?

Week 4

I’m so alone.
I wonder what’s on TV?