Ocean Photos 4


I believe the photo you see is from my trip to Australia. The Pacific has gorgeous reefs around the islands. And where there are reefs, there is coral. And where there is coral in the Pacific, there are…

The fish in my photo is a single striped clownfish that has caused disagreement between some marine biologist friends and I. They say this is the Maldives Anemonefish, characterized by its rusty color with a single white stripe running vertically behind its eye. The Maldives anemonefish is found in the Western Indian Ocean around Maldives and Sri Lanka. But I have never been there.

Anyway, an interesting fact about clownfish is they are all born male. They have the ability to switch their sex, even while mating. The largest fish becomes female and remains the dominant one of the group. There is no changing back once the switch is made.