To Tweet, or Not

I am considering taking part in the Twitterverse, a micro social world that a close friend tells me is filled with narcissism and is top on her list of websites dumbing down society.

Setting her personal feelings aside, I have noticed here at WordPress and at Facebook that many artists and writers I follow are Twitter members. Therefore, I see joining Twitter as a good personal venture for two reasons: 1) I can follow artists and writers I like—the ones who pass along interesting information about the arts, and 2) I can keep my readers up-to-date with brief progress reports about my books projects.

Still, I have reservations. The above reasons for joining Twitter are the ones I had when I joined Google+. But G+ fell short of supplying me with valuable information from other artists and writers. Plus, its format is too similar to Facebook’s, filled with irrelevant feeds from family and friends. Wading through it all is often too time-consuming, taking away from my busy schedule.

Overall, I think I have sold myself on the idea that it is possible to “tweet” at Twitter in such a way that the “pro’s” outweigh the “cons.” All the same, I would love to hear your input before I take the Twitter plunge.

9 thoughts on “To Tweet, or Not

  1. Do it! I have met wonderful, supportive people there! I’ve never had a negative experience, and if if you did, you can delete and block if you like.
    One thing that continually annoys me though, are artists who use software that shoot their one feed to multiple platforms ( like FB, twitter, etc…) and you only get a link to see their artwork…. I never bother to click on those links. If you can’t take the time to fit the platform, I’m not interested. So if you send a tweet, upload your pic too!


  2. I am probably the wrong person to ask. Lately I have been trying to do less, rather than more. I am finding that a lot of the technological stuff is taking me away from my first love: painting. That being said, twitter, and all the other social media things going on seem to be the way to go to get yourself out there. Good luck with it. I will be interested to hear what your thoughts are when you start. ~Rita

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    1. Although I realize the Internet’s importance to writers and artists, I try not let my time using it take from the time I allocate for writing and making art, which is why I have never been a daily blogger … lol.
      Once I join and get situated, I’ll blog about my venture into Twitterverse when I can.

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  3. Hi Steven, sorry to be late chiming in. I hope you will join Twitter. A lot of tweets are the usual time-wasters, but many creatives use Twitter to share tips and links to helpful posts. You can set up Lists to siphon off tweets with particular hashtags (= about certain subjects), and then review ’em at your leisure. Sneaking in the occasional self-promo with a link to the appropriate purchase site is OK, too, as long as you restrict same to a small part of the mix. Hope this helps! 🙂

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