Developing Characters and Story, Part 2


The Magic in Me, by Vree Erickson

My Family Tree, at a Glance

Joseph & Hendrika Groot (my maternal
great-great-great-great-great-grandparents); begat 2 children

Daughter Mina Groot (my
great-great-great-great-grandmother), married to Baltisar Andersson; begat 7 children

Daughter Ruth Andersson (my
great-great-great-grandmother), married to Jonathan Kaufmann; begat 2 children (sons)

Youngest son Joseph Kaufmann (my
great-great-grandfather), married Helen Baker; begat 5 children (daughters)

Daughter Adali Kaufmann (my
great-grandmother), married to James Doyle; begat 4 children

Evelyn Doyle (my grandmother) & Trevor Renfrew;
begat 1 child: son, Balen Renfrew

Evelyn Doyle, married to Jonathan “Jack” Lybrook;
begat 1 child: daughter, Karrie

Evelyn Doyle’s Siblings

Jack Lybrook’s Siblings

married to Kurt Ziegler, Blooming Valley; 3 children: John Luke, Mary, & James

married Roxanne Stills, Brookside; no children

married to Nathan Davies, Bakers View; 4 children: Jean, Carla, William, & Pamela

married Elaine May, New Cambridge; 2 children: Erin & Kay

married to Ronald Baker, New Cambridge; 2 children: Debra & Anne

married Diane Marrs, Albany NY; 3 children: Brianne, Donna, & Gail

Karrie Lybrook, (my mother), married
to Charles Erickson; begat 3 children (triplets)

Charles Erickson’s Parents

Charles Erickson’s Siblings

Reginald Erickson,
married Rachel McGuire, Wheeling WV, retired; winters St. Petersburg FL; 3 children: Leanne, Cincinnati OH; Alexis, Laramie WY; & Charles, deceased

married to Paul Watson, Cincinnati OH; 4 children: Sara, Joel, Thomas, & Holly

married to Justin Roth, Laramie WY; 5 children: Michelle, Nichole, Ryan, Jessica, & Crystal


My Family Line of Psychics

(Relations with known psychic/magic abilities are listed in bold.)

Josef & Hendrika Groot had 2 children: Rutger Groot & Mina Groot;

Mina Groot, whom @ 13, married: Baltasar Andersson, 16, (139 years ago), had 7 children, of which daughter

Ruth Andersson, whom @ 17, married Jonathan Kaufmann (112 years ago), had 2 sons, of which son

Joseph Kaufmann, whom @ 23, married Helen Baker (87 years ago), had 5 daughters, of which daughter

Adali Kaufmann, whom @ 19, married James Doyle (68 years ago), had 4 children, of which daughter

Evelyn Doyle, whom @ 19, had 1 son with wizard Trevor Renfrew (45 years ago), of which son

Balen Renfrew is half mortal, half wizard & has limited magic;

Evelyn Doyle, whom @ 27, married Jonathan Lybrook (37 years ago), had 1 child, of which daughter

Karrie Lybrook, whom @ 21, married Charles Erickson (16 years ago), had 3 children, of which daughter

Verawenda Erickson, struck by lightning @ 15, has psychic/magic ability.

Mina Andersson & her husband Baltasar had seven children. They lived in Ridgewood & were influential members of the community before Baltasar killed a man & went to prison. After their youngest child was old enough, Mina left home for a nunnery. She stayed there until her death. Mina had telepathic powers. She foretold her husband’s act of murder, along with other prophesies, including the 1906 San Francisco earthquake & the sinking of the Titanic. Her daughter Ruth could also see future events. Ruth’s son Walter was a vaudeville magician who could move objects with his mind. His brother Joseph claimed to see & speak to spirits. Psychic abilities in my family stopped with Walter & Joseph until lightning triggered it in Grandma Evelyn.



Timeline, From Josef Groot to Me

  • Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Josef Groot, b. 173 years ago, deceased;
  • Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother Mina Andersson née Groot, b. 152 years ago, deceased;
  • Great-Great-Great-Grandmother Ruth Kaufmann née Andersson, b. 129 years ago, deceased;
  • Great-Great-Grandfather Joseph Kaufmann, b. 110 years ago, deceased;
  • Great-Grandmother Adali Doyle née Kaufmann, b. 87 years ago, alive, lives @ Alice Lake’s Lakeview Living Center;
  • Grandmother Evelyn Lybrook née Doyle, b. 64 years ago, alive, lives @ weird farmhouse on Myers Ridge;
  • Mother Karrie Erickson née Lybrook, b. 37 years ago, alive, lives with Grandma on Myers Ridge;
  • Me, Vree Erickson, b. 15 years ago, still alive, I live with Mom @ Grandma’s weird farmhouse on Myers Ridge.

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