Margga’s Curse, revised: Chapter 3

I hope you’re enjoying reading the revision of Margga’s Curse as much as I am posting it. What I like most about the revision is knowing the plot and how the story ends. This is never the case when I write the first drafts of my stories. Once I pick a main character, I use an 8-point guideline to tell their story. It goes: (1) When someone (2) needs something, (3) they go somewhere, (4) search for it, (5) find it, (6) take it and (7) return home/to the place where they started (8) with changes in their life or making changes and changing things. It’s simple and keeps my mind off creating a plot while I create a story. Then, once I have a story, I can create smaller stories within the big story, thereby creating plot.

As much fun as I’m having rereading and posting the revision, I’m having just as much fun creating the artwork/photo illustrations for the chapters.

For the illustration pictured here, I planned to include all those smaller signs that often adorn big welcome signs to towns across North America. You know: Kiwanas, Masons, Rotaries and other clubs and organizations. But for the sake of time and design, I kept it simple. I also omitted a Deer Crossing sign and an S Curve sign along the highway.

The Story

IT WAS 2:00 P.M. ON July fifth, a Saturday during Fourth of July Weekend when most families in northwest Pennsylvania gathered at backyard cookouts and picnics, or took to the road for camping getaways and other fun events to celebrate the holiday. My family and I had spent the morning packing our meager belongings for the Mayflower movers to haul away from the Pittsburgh area, heading north to our new home in Ridgewood, one hundred miles away.

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Published by

Steven Leo Campbell

I am an artist and indie-author. I draw and paint wildlife, draw cartoons, and write mostly paranormal fiction featuring Vree Erickson and a strange Pennsylvania town called Ridgewood.

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