Margga’s Curse, revised: Chapter 6

The book Lenny gives Vree is a large, oversize black book the size of a coffee table book. Its cover is leather, though I’m sure it’s made of human skin.

It’s modeled after a 17th century maritime logbook I saw many years ago at a museum when I was a college art student. At first glance, I thought the book was a bible because of the red trim along its uneven pages. Then, when I saw the numbers and strange language written inside, my imagination went into overdrive and the idea of a witch’s spell book was born that day.

The Story

WHEN THE VAN SLAMMED INTO the woman, the crash sent the frog to the bottom of the ditch water and spooked a pair of sparrows from their perch on the telephone wires above. The impact of the large grille crushed the woman’s body and killed her instantly. The van’s driver flew through the shattered windshield and auto parts flew in pieces across the country highway. The driver cartwheeled into the field like a twirling rag doll, expelling blood and body parts along with loose change and bits of clothing into the patches of goldenrod, buffalo bur, nettle, and bindweed.

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Published by

Steven Leo Campbell

I am an artist and indie-author. I draw and paint wildlife, draw cartoons, and write mostly paranormal fiction featuring Vree Erickson and a strange Pennsylvania town called Ridgewood.

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