Margga’s Curse, revised: Chapter 7

Rottweilers get a bad rap among dogs for the intimidation they cause, and adding vampire-like fangs, evil-looking red eyes, and large bull horns don’t help. The horns are new for this version of the story, which adds to the excitement of being gored when chased by such a creature. To be bitten and gored by it—Vree is fortunate that this hellhound doesn’t breathe fire.

Hmmm, breathing fire…

I’ve known many dogs, and Rotts are gentle canines when treated well by their owners. They are also smart and obedient, which makes them good choices for Margga to dictate her evil orders to.

The Story

I STAYED CLOSE TO LENNY, who guided me across the backyard. Along the way, I stopped at a line of three large, bleached canvas camp tents in front of a square fire pit made of cement blocks.

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