Margga’s Curse, revised: Chapter 9

The beginning of this chapter of Margga’s Curse deals with the brief visit of Charles Erickson’s spirit.

For those who don’t know, Vree’s father, Charles Maxwell Erickson, was born 41 years ago on May 11 in Wheeling WV where he lived with his parents, attorney Reginald Keith Erickson (now 70, retired) and school teacher Rachel Louise (McGuire) Erickson (now 67, retired), and older siblings, Leanne Louise Erickson (now 45, graphic designer, married and lives in Cincinnati OH with husband Paul Watson and family) and Alexis Michelle Erickson (now 39, kindergarten teacher, divorced and lives in Monroeville PA; was briefly married to Justin Roth—they had no children).

Charles graduated from Wheeling Park High School at age 18 and from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law (Pitt Law) at age 22. He met Karrie Lybrook at college and married her when he was 25. They lived in Upper St. Clair where he was a lawyer. He died June 19 on daughter Vree’s 15th birthday when lightning struck him and Vree while they put away his lawnmower.

He was tall (6’ 3”) and had blonde hair and blue eyes.

The last part of this chapter doesn’t appear in the novel. I deleted it in favor of adding it to a later novel, which was going to introduce Vree’s step-uncle. That book is still in the planning stages, so I thought it would be fun to foreshadow the book with the introduction of Evelyn Lybrook’s secret past returned to Margga’s Curse.

Enjoy. And if you have a chance, leave me comments.

The Story

THE WOMAN’S SCREAM IN MY head diminished. The sickness in my stomach did not.

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