Meet the Newest Contributor

Please welcome the latest addition: Lola’s Corner.

After a lengthy email discussion with this longtime acquaintance of mine, I hereby open a corner of my blog to Lola Gentry-Dey where she will be a guest writer and artist.

Honestly, though, when Lola requested last year to be a part of my blog, I felt uncomfortable. After all, this is my blog, with my name in the address, about my art, writing, and me. But this blog is also about art and writing. Having another artist and writer on board can offer styles different from mine. Lola is primarily a poet. I rarely write poetry, but I enjoy reading it. And I like how fresh Lola writes. I think my readers will like it too.

“Life got busier and I grew weary trying to keep up a blog,” she wrote to me. “Owning a blog hung a huge responsibility of maintenance over my head. When I didn’t invariably post new and exciting content to it, I felt guilty of letting down my followers.”

I know that guilty feeling very well. So I welcomed her last week, made her a contributor, and told her to post when the muse strikes. She sent me her entire website and told me to choose my favorites. I posted everything she sent me to Lola’s Corner and omitted nothing.

In closing, let me say that Lola is also a talented artist and photographer. But don’t take my word for it. Please visit Lola’s Corner and see for yourself.

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