Meet the Newest Contributor

Please welcome the latest addition: Lola’s Corner. After a lengthy email discussion with this longtime acquaintance of mine, I hereby open a corner of my blog to Lola Gentry-Dey where she will be a guest writer and artist. Honestly, though, when Lola requested last year to be a part of my blog, I felt uncomfortable. [...]

Recap and What’s Ahead

2018 is a year of do-overs for my Ridgewood characters and their stories. Forget everything about them. Forget all of it. This is the year that began with a blank slate—a book of blank paper where anything is possible. Like many writers, there are times when I dread starting the blank paper because, well, if [...]

Merging Similar Characters

Changes, Part 6 During a break from writing, I continue discussing the changes I have made to my Ridgewood characters. Sometimes it is necessary for authors to reduce the number of characters entering and exiting their story’s scenes. This is a good time to look for characters with similar personalities. If two characters have similar [...]


Changes, Part 5 Julianna “Julie” Michelle Douglas, 13 Today is my birthday. I find it fitting to feature a character I created on my birthday many years ago when I was a teenager. I named her Lucinda after an older sister I almost had. She was big sister to Kenny (named Lenny back then) and [...]


Changes, Part 4 Verawenda “Vree” Renee Erickson, 13 Upon her creation in the 1970s, Verawenda Erickson was the same age as my other teen characters. She was an only child, nicknamed Vree, and lived with her parents down the road from Dave and Amy. Years later, when I decided to write about Vree again, I [...]