Steve Campbell is an award-winning wildlife and landscape artist who writes sci-fi/fantasy fiction in his spare time. He lives in Corry, Pennsylvania with his wife Jennie and their Chin-wa dog, Tuffy.

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I have been a writer and artist for as long as I can remember. I have a bachelor’s degree in studio art and graphic design, and I graduated from college magna cum laude. I have been a wildlife artist for 30+ years, an indie author longer, and an avid reader of all genres of fiction since the age of 5. My passion for writing stories developed during high school, but it took a backseat after college while I painted art for a living. Now, I am passionate again about writing full time. I prefer writing about supernatural events that happen in and around a fictional town called Ridgewood, a place I created on paper when I was a teen writer. I publish my ebooks independently at and at, and post stories at my websites like this one, and at My books of fantasy and paranormal fiction feature characters living in Ridgewood, a fictional Pennsylvania town based on my own hometown where my relatives fueled my imagination with their ghost stories and urban lore, prompting me to write my own fantasy tales for everyone in love with the genre and young at heart to enjoy.

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15 thoughts on “Bio

    • Thank you and ditto on your blog. I just returned from it and loved the art and science. Good luck on the publication of your book. I like the covers your friend did, very impressive, and I’m looking forward to reading it.


    • I’m glad you found my blog and enjoyed your visit, Prasad. In fact, I’m always excited to know that someone wants to stick around and see and read more of what I post. A friend calls it, “The warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that someone appreciates what we do.” Or, as you rightly call it at your blog: the footprints we leave behind. 🙂


  1. I love your art. Solid work. I have all your books on my tablet now. Even though your Vree Erickson stories are YA 13+, I find them perfect for those of us at a higher age level. Keep up the great work!

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  2. Thank you for following my new blog! (Actually, it’s my original one from years ago – 2009? – but stripped clean for a do-over. I never deleted it.) More of my poems are in the works – new and old!

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