Art, day 31 of 31

Another beautiful watercolor painting done by Lola during her Make Art Every Day project in July.

More Fun With Watercolors

One of my childhood art students all grown up. This is a fine example of the beautiful art Lola makes.

7 ways to identify a fantasy villain

So true … and funny. Today’s villains have become stereotypical.

Inkspelled Faery

If you’ve just started a new fantasy series and aren’t sure who the villain is, there are some easy ways to find out. Watch for a few key traits and if more than four show up in a character, you’ve definitely found the series baddie.

1. Miserable childhood

morgaga3 Morgana Pendragon, basically the cover girl for Daddy Issues Monthly.

Fantasy villains cannot have happy childhoods—EVER. In the slim chance one or both their parents weren’t awful, said parent(s) must die a gruesome death, preferably with the young villain watching.

2. Anger management difficulties

Even if the character displays a cold, controlled exterior most the time, they cannot be a villain without an eventual angry outburst, usually in which they do something horrible and violent. Most likely, this results in the death of a character you really liked.

3. Ugly pets/minions

36f0af58daea5b9fea2284163aa1ab71 A face only a villainous taskmaster could love.

Anyone who hires deformed, aesthetically challenged…

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When a writer bleeds

Powerful poem!

The Musing Quill

her world shrinks
as faces cease to exist
days lack brightness
nights miss the glow

walks become rambles
blank are the thoughts
no place is desirable
just she and herself

behind shut doors
are windows closed
and the solitary corner
beckoning her

not a speck of light
in the gloomy room
except a flickering
lamp at the table
she bleeds on

walls see her drown
in a gush of emotions
secrets they hold
that none will ever know

whimper to words
sorrow to scribbles
and yet another story
is about to be born

Asha Seth

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