I Won Artwork

Forgive me for bragging but I was a recent recipient of the beautiful digital painting pictured here, a masterful piece of art by a talented artist at https://paintdigi.wordpress.com/author/paintdigi/. I’m very proud to have won, and excited that I’m allowed to reproduce it into a physical piece of art to hang in my house. I haven’t [...]

Walking The Dark Road

My blog is 4 months old and it already feels like a neglected child crying for attention. September has been a busy month here at the Dey residence with the transitioning of my children going back to school and getting them to pay attention to their new schedules. My oldest has been a champ at [...]

New World Slavery

A woman from a fishing village slaves in a sweatshop, making shirts for retail stores, selling them at low prices to help save shoppers money to spend at McDonalds after the Little League game tonight. She makes barely enough money to pay the rent of her shared one-bedroom apartment in the city where hucksters scramble [...]

More Thoughts On Writing Poetry

Nightfall (Old Poems Revised)

Night falls swiftly on us— our lives are a flash in the sinking sun, ten thousand years of rebounded vibrations— I call it life but you call it hell. You steer my sight to the setting sun and tell me that it’s evening for us all— the night is silence: no more color, no Hawaiian [...]