Ocean Photos 9

Wow! 9 weeks have passed already. Crabs— What would the 4th of July be without a night at the beach, watching fireworks and eating crab around a fire? You know you’re from the seacoast if that’s how you spend the holiday. The crab photo here was taken during a hunt at Key West, Florida. For [...]

Ocean Photos 8

Sailing— I love being in and on water as much as being on land. My dad was in the Navy and owned a few boats, so I got to sail with him. One of our favorite songs was Sailing by Christopher Cross. When I think of my dad, I hear the song’s beautiful piano and [...]

Ocean Photos 7

Sharks Own the Oceans— Today is Father’s Day. In memory of my dad, I dedicate today’s post to him. He was the first person to teach me how to dive. Although he died in a car accident because of a negligent driver, safety was always top priority to him, no matter where he was at [...]

Ocean Photos 6

Eels— Eels are just eww, icky, ugly. And the Spotted White Moray Eel is no exception. If you see any eels during your dives, leave them alone. Though they are usually timid and hide, the morays are known to be aggressive. Their bites are far from lethal, but moray eels are toxic and their bites can [...]

Ocean Photos 5

Porkfish— Porkfish are common reef fish. These beauties are distinguished by their bright yellow-gold striped bodies and two vertical bold black diagonal bands on their head. The bands on the head both hide the eyes and serve to disorient predators. Porkfish can often be found in a small group swimming with a larger school of [...]