Come and Visit

The other day I found a treasure of old photos, some of my old blog posts I’d saved on Microsoft Word, and a plethora of unfinished poetry. Since then, I’ve been rescuing my blog posts and adding them to my site. As many of you know, I deleted those old posts years ago and I’ve [...]


Is photography art? If so, when does a photograph become art? And who decides? Is it when we want a photograph framed and hanging in our homes that it becomes art? I’m considering adding some of my photography to this blog. But I’m undecided on whether to add it under my Art heading or give [...]

Pretty Postcards?

Here are more photographs. Today’s theme is water. I have a deep love and respect for water. I grew up around it, lived on it, and traveled to some of its depths. If ever I were a fictional character, I would be a mermaid with the ability to have legs to walk the shore. Best [...]

8 Photographs

I am sharing some latest photographs after browsing some vacation files on my camera. Enjoy.


Several months have passed since I posted any sunset photographs. Don’t worry, I’m correcting that oversight now. Below are 4 beautiful photographs taken during a sunset at one of my favorite lake getaways. I could carry on forever why I love sunsets on water, but I’ll let the photos speak for me. Enjoy.