Alice’s Hole

Inhabited between wild things wonderful things Who Am I? no longer a main priority no longer stapled to a better forever determining worth and future I Am the problems I’m not letting go of I Am the energy and struggle to do better in this Magical universe reincarnate like eggs in a nest My wonderful [...]

I Have Seen The Best Minds Of My Generation Destroyed By Madness

Too many people stomping around— fractured herds mucking the rivers, shitting the highways, killing the grass. They think they know when they don’t. They rode lame in a hot race and wept when their HellCat lost. Now they cry from twit-faces in their concrete castles filled with Eisenhower plastic, drowning their DTs in anger and [...]

When I Came With You (Revisited)

It was here one night among white blossoms and junipers that we lay touching while the rest of the world snored in their small beds We breathed frost words to breezes on branches breathing deeply in the deep woods with no earthly destination hidden behind the pulse of dawn throbbing on a trigger’s touch You [...]

The Poet

The boy who lost his mother gnarled like a bear— tough bear he But away from the bestial he had softness in his eyes— they laughed even when he and his words were sharp and sometimes ambiguous He showed the plumpness of his belly to his closest friends and grunted like a pig and poet [...]

Car Hysteria (Seduction Revisited)

Earlier today shopkeepers seduced pot-bellied old men with sleek fast brand-new cars that rubbed and kissed their trousers and guaranteed to stop lonesomeness Erstwhile minds backpedaled on leather seats where stale memories surfaced and breathed new air striking deals in brown cubicles under the breath of fresh coffee What she feared most kicked and scratched [...]