Meet the Newest Contributor

Please welcome the latest addition: Lola’s Corner. After a lengthy email discussion with this longtime acquaintance of mine, I hereby open a corner of my blog to Lola Gentry-Dey where she will be a guest writer and artist. Honestly, though, when Lola requested last year to be a part of my blog, I felt uncomfortable. [...]

Writing Time

I could write more books—and blog about them—if I had more time to write. My 9-to-5 job—the one that pays the bills—runs within a timeframe of 8:30am to 10pm, five of the seven days of the week. My hours worked during a week fall between 30 and 38 hours. A typical schedule looks like this: [...]

Blues-ing It

I’m writing this before I leave for work. I have a 1-10pm shift today. Next month I celebrate 16 years at the store I work at. Celebrate is the wrong word. I don’t celebrate anything about my job. Well, maybe the paycheck. But that isn’t much to party over. To say my job is depressing [...]

Corry Writer’s Block Blog

A quick shout-out to those of you who belonged to the Writer’s Block writing group in Corry, PA. I decided to resurrect the Writer’s Block blog for historical reasons. This time, instead of posting the group’s history in monthly/yearly chronological order, I’m noting each piece’s original published date (when possible) when I blog it, beginning [...]

A Past Kept In Shoeboxes

I used to keep my snapshot photographs stored in albums. When I married and had children, my wife and I did the same for many years. Then, somewhere along the passage of time, we stopped storing our photos in albums and tossed them into empty shoeboxes instead. Now we have 30+ years of unlabeled shoeboxes [...]